Hogar 3G Problems 1mbps

Hogar 3G Problems 1mbps

Dear Movistar,

Having problems with your internet service, We are only getting 1mbps when normally we should get 23mbps.

I have made sure nothing is using up all the bandwidth.

Tried all the troubleshooting steps and still 1mbps.

 Thank you!

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Buenos días, @sarahmeyery bienvenida a la Comunidad.
Como puedes comprobar en las Condiciones de la Comunidad, el idioma es el castellano. Seguimos a tu disposición si quieres publicar tu comentario en este idioma.
Un saludo, Juanjo.


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Dear @sarahmeyer

The speed of your service should be up to 20MB. Cause it's a service that uses shared network resources, it's normal to suffer speed reductions depending on factors such as distance to the antenna, confluent users, climatological factors ... However, that would not explain a sustained situation of a so low speed. If the problem has not been solved already, please, you can call our service center at 1002 telephone. And as my colleague @Juanjo_Movistar says (and if you can), it will be better in Spanish.Emoticono frustrado

I wish that your service works perfectly as soon as possible. Sincerely. Ismael


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problem is when i call that number they ask for the number for 3g but there is no number 

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Have you fixed the problem?do you have only internet contracted or do you have voice plus internet?i have had same problem as u calling movistar center, hope some admin can show u the way to solve your issue, if i can help u in some way send me a message to try to help u.
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Hi @sarahmeyer


As I said before,  this is a Spanish  language forum, so you must write in this language in order be understand by everybody.


I'll try to help you but in private. First thing I need is some information about you and your line.


Please, send me a private message by clicking in the link and add this information:
■ Internet radio Fix number
■ line's owner Name and surname, NIF (tax identification number) or passport number
■ Exact postal address with postal code.


Best regards






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